Hi, I'm Alberto Vilches

I'm a Fullstack Software Developer based in Germany and working at Trudesk since 2021.

As a software developer at Trudesk, I work on a help-desk service platform that enables businesses to provide fast and efficient customer support. I use TypeScript, GraphQL, React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB to build a high-performance and custom-built API that can handle complex queries and data manipulation, a cloud-based and on-premises SaaS UI with a library of customizable components and hooks, and an easy-to-use developer SDK for React.js applications.

In my free time I enjoy learning languages. My native language is Spanish and I already speak English at full professional proficiency so I am working towards reaching that level in German as well.

Some of the technologies I work with are:

JavaScript/TypeScript · Node.js · GraphQL · CSS/SCSS · React.js · Vue.js · Express.js · Next.js · NestJS · Jest · Cypress · MySQL · Firebase · MongoDB · AWS · Docker · Git.

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